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At Car Analytics, we understand that selling your car should be a hassle-free and rewarding experience. Unlike other services, we don't rush your car into an auction. Instead, we take a personalised approach, contacting handpicked local dealers to ensure you get the best possible price.

How It Works

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Get Your Free Valuation

Enter your car details and receive a free, no-obligation valuation. Our comprehensive analytics ensure you get an accurate and fair estimate.

Personalised Dealer Outreach

We contact trusted local dealers directly, ensuring your car gets the attention it deserves. There are no rushed auctions, just thoughtful negotiations.

Receive the Best Offers

Compare offers from our network of handpicked dealers. Choose the best price and enjoy a smooth, hassle-free sale.

Sell with Confidence

Once you accept an offer, our team will handle the paperwork and logistics. You just have to hand over the keys and get paid.

Why Choose Us?

Boosting Local Communities

At Car Analytics, we prioritise working with local dealers. This not only helps you get the best price for your car but also supports local businesses and strengthens the community. By choosing us, you're contributing to the local economy and fostering growth within your neighbourhood.

Personalised Service for Every Customer

We believe in treating each customer as an individual. Our team takes the time to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring a tailored approach to selling your car. You're not just another number to us; you're a valued customer deserving exceptional service.

Local Dealer Network

Our extensive network of trusted local dealers ensures that your car receives maximum exposure without the rush and uncertainty of an auction. These dealers are handpicked for their reliability and reputation, guaranteeing you the best possible offers.

Transparent Process

Transparency is at the heart of our service. From the initial valuation to the final sale, we keep you informed at every step. There are no hidden fees or surprises—just a straightforward, honest process designed to make selling your car easy and stress-free.

Effortless Car Selling

Selling your car should be simple, and we make sure it is. Our dedicated team handles all the paperwork and logistics, so you don't have to worry about the details. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy a smooth, seamless selling experience.

Hassle-Free Experience

By choosing Car Analytics, you're not only ensuring a great deal for your car but also supporting local businesses, receiving personalised service, and enjoying a hassle-free, transparent process. Get started today and experience the difference!


Glad you asked! Start by entering your registration for a quick valuation. We'll then need a few more details about your car. Once we have them, our team will help you set a 'reserve price'—the minimum amount you're happy to sell your car for. Many customers receive higher offers!

We'll then reach out to our network of handpicked local dealers. These trusted dealers will review your car and make offers. We'll present you with the best offers, and once you choose one, the winning dealer will contact you to arrange a free collection and your payment.

Our valuation process considers various factors, including your car's make and model, condition, mileage, and current market trends. By leveraging advanced algorithms and industry expertise, we ensure you receive a precise valuation that reflects the true worth of your vehicle.

One of our team members will provide you with a personalised experience. They will contact trusted local dealers on your behalf, including franchised, independent, and specialist buyers. You'll receive the best offers tailored to your car's details without having to do anything yourself, ensuring you secure a great price.

Yes, you can sell your car once the outstanding finance is settled. Once you have finished paying off the finance, the vehicle will be yours to sell. Simply settle the remaining balance, and you'll be ready to proceed with the sale.

Keeping records of your car's service history helps you obtain a fair and accurate price when you're ready to sell. Proving that you have maintained your car well and addressed issues promptly gives buyers confidence in the vehicle's overall condition.

Yes, you can sell a car with a private registration plate in the UK. However, you'll need to complete the relevant paperwork with the DVLA. Before selling, decide whether you want to keep the private plate or include it in the sale.

If you want to retain the plate, you'll need to apply to the DVLA to transfer it to another vehicle or place it on retention. Once this is done, the DVLA will issue an updated V5C with a new registration number for the car. If you're including the private plate in the sale, ensure the V5C reflects this correctly.